Book Three of the WWW Trilogy

Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer unleashed his fascinating vision of a sentient Web with Wake. Now he continues his thought-provoking epic as the world becomes aware of Webmind's existence—and spreading influence...

The advent of Webmind—a vast consciousness that spontaneously emerged from the infrastructure of the World Wide Web—is changing everything. From curing cancer to easing international tensions, Webmind seems a boon to humanity.

But Colonel Peyton Hume, the Pentagon's top expert on artificial intelligence, is convinced Webmind is a threat. He turns to the hacker underground to help him bring Webmind down. Then, hackers start mysteriously vanishing. Is Webmind killing them before they can mount an attack? Meanwhile, Caitlin Decter—the once-blind 16-year-old math genius who discovered Webmind— desperately tries to protect her friend. And Masayuki Kuroda, the scientist whose implant gave Caitlin sight, modifies his technology to help Sinanthropus, a paraplegic Chinese freedom blogger, regain use of his legs—unaware of Sinanthropus's role in China's plans to eliminate Webmind. Can this new world of wonder survive—or will everything, Webmind included, come crashing down?

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Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer

Called "the dean of Canadian science fiction" by the Ottawa Citizen and "just about the best science-fiction writer out there these days" by the Denver Rocky Mountain News, Robert J. Sawyer is one of only seven writers in history to win all three of the science-fiction field's top honours for best novel of the year. Sawyer is also the only writer in history to win the top SF awards in the United States, China, Japan, France, and Spain. In addition, he's won an Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime Writers of Canada as well as ten Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards, known as Auroras.

"By any reckoning, Sawyer is among the most successful Canadian authors ever."
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